University Of Nevada Reno Rentals

We have great two bedrooms, as in 2 two bedroom apartments for rent, to serious students only...

Bring your life to higher levels with UNR Rentals

At UNR Rentals, our retro vintage, Sterling Village, apartment building development, built and named, in the early 1950'

2 bedroom apartments for rent.

 We aim to complement our current excellent tenants

With only the best quality student neighbors. We believe it takes a village, working together for a zen, happy, safe, comfortable enjoyable private, studious environment. READ: ABOUT FOR MORE INFORMATION, OR SEE OUR ADS ON: Zillow, Hot Pads, Trulia, for UNR Rentals, WE ARE NOT JOKING AROUND.

Meet our currant tenants soon, for their approvals,

if you are a successful applicant

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